Missing Wisconsin teen, Jayme Closs found safe

    Douglas County Sheriff talks about rescue of Jayme Closs. (CNN Newsource)Thumbnail

    A Wisconsin teen who disappeared three months ago after her parents were shot and killed in their home has been found alive.

    According to the report, on Thursday Jayme Closs ran up to a woman walking her dog and begged for help.

    The report says, the woman took Closs to a nearby home and called 911.

    The reported revealed Closs was taken to the hospital to be checked out, and the teen appeared outwardly to be okay.

    "She looked thinner than what her pictures showed. She definitely looked unkept. She was wearing really big shoes that she obviously took from wherever she came from."

    According to the report, 21-year-old Jake Patterson is being charged with kidnapping, and with killing Closs's parents.

    Investigators report they believe Closs was Patterson's target.

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