Mom of missing, endangered teen hopes community will help before he hurts himself

Mom of missing, endangered teen hopes community will help before he hurts himself

The mother of a Pensacola teen who walked away from a drug and alcohol treatment program hopes the community will help find him before he hurts himself.

Pensacola Police were called by the Lakeview Center on Thursday around 8:30 p.m. because Ethan Edwards, 15, left the facility. Police were told that before he left, Edwards told another person in the Drug and Alcohol Adolescent Residential Treatment (DAART) program that he wanted to harm himself.

"They told me the DAART program is not a locked facility," the teen's mom, Janet Edwards said. "So if they want to come and go, they can come and go."

Her son had been court-ordered to the program after a run-in with the law. Janet Edwards said he had not even been in the program two weeks when he left the facility.

A spokesperson with the Lakeview Center said the program is voluntary and unlocked. A person can leave if they are given a pass by the treatment team. Police said Ethan Edwards did not have permission.

"We'd just like him to call us and come back and maybe talk to him and find out why he's running away to see if we can get him some additional help," Officer Mike Wood said.

Janet Edwards said her son has run away before and is worried because he has also harmed himself in the past. She said he is supposed to be taking medication but has not to her knowledge.

"He was supposed to be taking ADHD medicine and depression and anxiety medication because he has had emotional issues in the past," Janet Edwards said.

Edwards said when he ran away before, he almost always has been found with his girlfriend. Police said they have checked with his girlfriend, but have been unsuccessful. Now, they are turning to the public.

"Ethan, you may think I hate you," Edwards said. "You may think you hate me, but I love you. I just want you safe. I don't want you out on the roads. It's cold. There are bad people that can hurt you and I just want you to be at home where I know you're safe."

If anyone knows where police can locate Ethan Edwards, please call Detective Gilbert Galloway Jr. at 850-435-1974.

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