Moore on special election results: 'God is always in control'

Moore on special election results: 'God is always in control'

Doug Jones will represent Alabama in the United States Senate.

It's been a tight race all night with both candidates locked in a dead tie at one point, but ultimately, Jones took 50 percent of the votes defeating Roy Moore who grabbed 49 percent of the vote says 99 percent of the reported precincts.

In Baldwin County, 61 percent of voters went with Moore. That was the opposite in Mobile County with Jones having nearly 58 percent of the votes there.

Channel 3's Allie Norton was at Moore's campaign headquarters all the way up until the announcement of Jones' win.

Many polls had Moore as the projected winner, so it's no wonder staff were calling the meeting at Moore's campaign headquarters a victory party.

They're not giving up, however. His campaign manager told the crowd that they are not conceding yet or calling the election.

Moore took the stage shortly after 10:30 p.m.

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