Mother of teen accused in Atmore drive-by shooting charged with attempted murder

Mother of teen accused in Atmore drive-by shooting charged with attempted murder

There are new details in connection to a drive-by shooting in Atmore that left one teenager paralyzed.

Yashetta McKenzie, 36, is behind bars one week after her 17-year-old son, DeAndre Mitchell, was arrested for attempted murder. Mitchell is accused of driving past a home on 4th Street and opening fire, shooting 17-year-old Trenton Atchison.

McKenzie is also charged with attempted murder after investigators got word she was driving the car her son was in when he allegedly committed the crime.

"Do you think a mother would take her son somewhere to get in trouble?" asked a friend of the suspect, Shelton Frye.

Frye says McKenzie would never do anything like this.

"There is a lot of heartbreaking stuff going on, I really want to cry right now," said Frye. "I hope they find the real shooters."

McKenzie's bond is set at $150,000. Atmore Police Chief Chuck Brooks says it is possible there could be additional arrests.

"We're actively investigating all aspects of this case," said Brooks. "Talking to witnesses, getting evidence from the crime scene, processing it, the evidence that we've already collected has greatly assisted us in this investigation."

As for the victim, Atchison, a bullet punctured his lung and hit his spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed. Family friend Courtney Leslie told us he was transported from Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola to a spine specialist in Birmingham, Alabama.

"We're very optimistic that he is going to walk again," said Leslie. "We believe it, and I know he does as well."

Until then, Leslie and some others in the community are working to remodel Atchison's house, making his transition from hospital to home, a little easier.

"The doorway has to be opened up a little wider so he can get in and out, the bathroom, we want take a piece of the wall out, out of his bedroom so he can have a private entry per say, from his bedroom into the bathroom," said Leslie. "We need a handicapped tub, a handicapped commode, we just need to upgrade things for him."

If you would like to volunteer your time or skills to help upgrade the Atchison home, contact the Lighthouse Apostolic Holiness Church, located at 95 Monroe Street in Atmore.

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