Mother who lost child during Gordon remaining strong despite tragedy

Mother who lost child during Gordon remaining strong despite tragedy

Treval Hunter's youngest daughter, Zaryanna, had just celebrated her second birthday only days before Sept. 4, 2018. It's the day the little girl was killed during Tropical Storm Gordon.

"She's a happy baby," said Hunter. "I miss my baby so much though."

Around 9’oclock that Tuesday night, a large tree fell on top of Hunter's home.

Hunter said she and her three children got out of the home safely, but Zaryanna didn't make it.

"I'll be strong. I'll do that for my other three. I miss my baby, but I'll do that," she said.

Not only did Hunter lose her baby, she also lost her home and everything in it.

What was left of it is now an empty lot. It's a sight the mother said is too painful to look at.

Instead, Hunter tries to remember the happy memories she shared with her little girl.

"She was fun. She liked to go outside. She liked to enjoy herself. She just liked to talk all the time. That's my baby," said Hunter.

Hunter said help from the community and neighbors has kept her going through this difficult time.

In the end, she said she's going to stay positive for Zaryanna and her siblings.

"Everything I've seen, but I'll make it. I can't stop going. I'm gonna make it no matter what for my baby," said Hunter.

A GoFundMe has been created to help the family pay for Zaryanna's funeral costs and other expenses.

To donate click here.

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