Mysterious "boom" and vibration shakes up parts of NWFL

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There was a whole 'lotta shaking going on in northwest Florida Thursday morning!

According to residents, parts of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties experienced as many as three loud booms that rattled homes and nerves on Thursday, Dec. 14th around 9:15 a.m.

Channel 3 News received numerous reports from residents of the noise being heard and subsequent vibration being felt from Milton to Perdido Key.

Shelly Higgins Mandel asked:

Nothing on the News about what happened to shake half of Pensacola. Testing? Earthquake? Sonic boom?

Joe Coughlin also asked Channel 3:

Did we just have an EARTHQUAKE (09:11 a.m.)? Felt shaking that lasted 12 seconds here in S/W Pensacola.

Amy Burgett had this to report:

People everywhere reporting loud boom on west side of town into Orange Beach shook my house dogs were terrified about twenty minutes ago.

Paris Brierley told Channel 3:

felt a shake that lasted 2-3 seconds. friends are reporting from Milton to Perdido key

Channel 3 News has reached out to a spokesperson from Escambia County as well as a representative from NAS Pensacola for more information on the mysterious booms.

Both representatives told Channel 3 that their organizations haven't received any reports of the noise or vibration.

This is a developing story that Channel 3 will update with more information as additional details are made available.

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