National Shrimp Festival kicks off in Gulf Shores

Photo source: WEAR-TV

How do you like your shrimp? Grilled? Fried? Well, if you love shrimp then you're in luck. The 46th National Shrimp Festival is underway at Gulf Shores, Alabama.

The festival committee estimates about 50,000 to 60,000 pounds of shrimp will be cooked up during the four day event.

It started out as a five hour festival with seven booths. Now, 46 years later. this event brings hundreds of vendors to Gulf Shores.

But it's not just about the tasty seafood. The festival committee is expecting 250,000 visitors, which means it's perfect for the local economy.

"We did a study in 2012 where the estimated impact was somewhere between $40 million to $44 million, and that was in 2012, so you can only imagine it's grown since then-- it's now 5 years later," said Ed Rodriguez, president of Chamber Coastal Alabama business.

And if shrimp doesn't satisfy your taste buds there are plenty of other options at the shrimp festival.

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