Navy Federal employees part of Power Ball pool receive winnings

Navy Federal employees part of Power Ball pool receive winnings

There are some very lucky people working at Navy Federal Credit Union right now. Money was deposited into the bank Tuesday for the 33 people who played the office pool and hit last Wednesday's Power Ball drawing.

"I hit the floor," Regina Spence said. "I didn't know what to do."

Five of the numbers on the lottery ticket matched. Cha-ching! Except Spence did not even notice it. Her co-worker Sam McLean was the one who first discovered they had won.

"I saw the winning numbers, I actually went a couple lines past them and I was like - wait a minute - and I went back to it and it took a while for it to sink in that those actually matched," he said.

The ticket had 2,18,37,39,42. It missed the 12 for the Power Ball which would have meant a $570 million jackpot. Their ticket was still good for $2 million. Spence said she immediately began researching what to do with office pool winnings. She printed out IRS forms and had them ready to bring to work for her co-workers to fill out. She wrote 32 checks Tuesday for $45,000 each.

"It's just people who wanted to do something for chance, get to do that now," Spence said. "And it's something that a week ago we would have had to thoroughly plan for."

Her co-workers are not the only ones excited. She has gained a couple new friends on Facebook since she was photographed by the Florida Lottery holding the big check in Tallahassee.

"They don't read the second line of the headline where it just says 'Pensacola woman claims,' and then it says, 'for office pool,'" Spence laughed.

Sorry guys, she is taken. She is putting what money she does not spend on home improvements and bills into her savings account. McLean, on the other hand, hopes to make his vehicle more accessible for his wheelchair.

So, will they play again?

"I figure a three dollar investment for the return we get back was pretty good, so I definitely plan on playing again," McLean said.

"You can't win if you don't play," Spence said.

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