Neighbors hope city officials do something about the Pensacola 'eyesore'

Neighbors are calling on leaders to do something about this so-called eyesore. Photo: WEAR-TV

Some Pensacola residents are calling property on W. Government Street a 'junk yard'. They also have concerns over another property across the street on J Street.

A spokesperson with the city of Pensacola says their office has received many complaints for many months,

'It's just dangerous driving by and you see the bits and pieces," said Jocelyn Soloman-Fox.

Vernon Stewart, with the City of Pensacola said that Pensacola code enforcement has fined both homeowners 25 dollars a day. The fines started back in 2016. Stewart said that one of the homeowners now has a lien against the property because of all the fines.

"This has to be more than a code violation. It has to be a public health and safety concern because of the piles of trash and garbage and the lack of resolve," said Sandy Walker.

Sandy Walker said she purchased her home about a year ago. She's now concerned about the property value of her place and for the other newly built homes on the street,

"We've seen multiple people coming and going and looking and then they drive down the street and see that... and I think that's deterrent from them buying those houses," said Walker.

Walker said she hopes city officials do something about it.

"If they're not going to at some point take legal action on those... basically put the property up for sale... share or sale based on the liens... even if they fine them 250 dollars a day... there has to be a cap... then they act on that property owner," said Walker.

One man walked past our Channel 3 News crew and into one of the homes. He didn't stop, but said, 'Can't you see I'm trying to clean the place up.' Channel 3 News knocked on both doors, but no one answered.

A city spokesperson says neighbors in this area will have the opportunity to voice their concerns on August 7th at a public forum.

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