New beach hotel opening in Navarre

New beach hotel opening in Navarre

For the first time in more than 40 years a new hotel will open on Navarre Beach.

Businesses nearby hope the SpringHill Suites means bigger profits for them as well.

Commissioners hope the seven-story hotel will give a boost to south Santa Rosa County's tourism.

Commissioner Rob Williamson said it's part of the plan to sell visitors on the idea of visiting Navarre Beach.

"It's a great day for Santa Rosa County tourism and Navarre that we have finally got a hotel back open on Navarre Beach and I hope everybody comes to check it out," Williamson said.

Across busy Highway 98, a diner visited by locals and tourists alike called T.C.'s is looking forward to opening day.

"A lot of people know about us, but with a name like that a lot more people are going to know about us," said Micky Thompson with T.C.'s.

Thompson said the good news goes past the additional profit one hotel can bring.

SpringHill Suites will start taking reservations on June 15.

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