New bike sharing program is the next step in Pensacola's mobility plan

New bike sharing program is the next step in Pensacola mobility plan

A new bike sharing program will be rolling into Pensacola in the next couple of months. City officials say it's the first step to a larger mobility plan for the city.

The bikes in Pensacola will be a sea foam green color. They will have a lock and a screen on the end behind the seat where folks can sign in through technology to take the bike for a spin.

"It's all self-contained. The locking system is part of it so when you log in either through the app or through the bike itself, it will automatically unlock-- you can go to any place, lock it up, feel sure that it's not going to disappear and then when you get back you can log back in unlock it-- you're off biking," said Curt Morse, Downtown Improvement Board.

Bike hubs will be stationed throughout the downtown area and the Pensacola Beach.

The program was recently endorsed by the City of Pensacola.

Morse said, "Mayor Hayward, this has been the corner stone of his entire time in office. He wants to be this contemporary city that offers these types of amenities and we're just finally getting to that point where we're going to be able to help realize that:"

Folks can rent the bikes for $7 or $8 an hour or purchase a monthly subscription. This program is a step closer to another goal: a ride sharing program.

"Ride share will be a small low speed vehicle. It will be maybe 9 to 12 occupants in it. It will be just kind of moving around the downtown area. And it could be on demand or it may have its own little path that it could go on. Now these are not autonomous vehicles. They'll be manned so someone will be driving," said Morse.

These bikes will be ready to share by the first week of March.

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