East Hill residents voice concern, support for possible Taco Bell coming to neighborhood

East Hill residents voice concern, support for possible Taco Bell coming to neighborhood

A new business may soon move into a busy intersection in Pensacola.

According to The Pulse, a franchise company has applied for a construction permit to build a Taco Bell at Cervantes and 12th Avenue.

Some East Hill residents are voicing their opposition to a fast food restaurant moving in online.

The intersection is one of the busiest intersections in East Hill.

The area only got busier when Publix moved in.

East Hill residents like Janet Sallis support growth and expansion of the Pensacola neighborhood.

Sallis said, "Anything that promotes small business, can bring jobs to the area, can boost property values. Anything like that brings more volunteers to the schools, I'm in favor of that. Absolutely."

In addition, Sallis said, "It definitely shouldn't remain empty. I think it's an eyesore almost to remain empty. It's definitely not helping the neighborhood. As far as what can go there like anything with a franchise. I don't care what it is. I know that it's going to be well kept. It's going to be well managed. It's going to bring jobs to the area and it will convenient to me, to be honest with you."

The plans to build a restaurant at that intersection has driven the conversation on the East Hill Neighborhood Association Facebook page.

Many are in favor of a business moving into the location.

Ryan LeCompte states, "Do you feel the same way about the McDonald's, Popeyes, Papa Johns, Walgreens, Krispy Kreme, EH [East Hill] Publix, and Dominos all on the same street? The precedence has been set and as much as some object, the sales tax revenue for the city/county will supersede. Currently, that property is generating nothing."

Bruce A. Wilkins writes, "Looking forward to Taco Bell."

Others like Colleen McCarten write, "Is there something the residents of East Hill can do to protest? A petition or something?"

They don't want new construction to impact the quiet tone of the neighborhood.

Samuel Bearman, president of the East Hill Neighborhood Association, said, "Cervantes Street is going to have businesses. Now Cervantes and 12th Avenue, a busy intersection and Publix really set the tone for the neighborhood when it moved and it's doing well. There's a right way and wrong way to develop commercially and hopefully whoever moves in will do it the right way."

East Hill business owners and residents believe the intersection will be able to handle any business that moves in.

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