New company in Pensacola gives roof to family in need

New company in Pensacola gives roof to family in need

A Pensacola family will soon have a new roof over their heads thanks to a business moving into the area.

Tadlock Roofing celebrated the grand opening of their Pensacola office on Thursday by presenting a certificate for a new roof to Habitat for Humanity.

The company will replace a roof for a homeowner who cannot afford the cost of a major replacement.

For a company to come in brand new and say 'I love the community' that just warms your heart. You really say you're about the community," said Josh Womack with Habitat for Humanity.

Pensacola Habitat's Neighborhood Revitalization Board will pick a homeowner in need to receive the roof replacement in early September.

Tadlock said they will begin work right away.

Habitat for Humanity has about seven families who need a major roof replacement, but the nonprofit rarely does them because the cost is so high.

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