New video: Pensacola police say suspect stalked victim before kidnapping, assault


New details on a woman kidnapped in downtown Pensacola and sexually assaulted.

Police say the suspect, Corey Antwone Hill was caught on camera stalking the victim.

"We have video surveillance that shows the suspect watching her and following her to different locations," said Pensacola Police Officer Mike Wood.

The newly released video shows the victim inside Blend, a bar just a few hundred feet away from the parking garage.

Blurred to protect her identity, she and a friend take a seat at the bar just after midnight. They stay until about 12:15. The victim's friend then grabs her hand and leads her toward the door. She comes back briefly to speak with a bartender, then leaves.

Surveillance video outside captures the pair walking around to World of Beer and take a seat in front of the building. Not long after, the suspect, Corey Hill, appears at 12:25. He crosses the street, walking past the victim and her friend. He glances in their direction, then continues to walk down the road, doing a double-take, at another couple he passes.

Around 12:30, the victim's friend walks her across the street. We do not have video of what happens next, but according to a Pensacola police incident report, that is when Hill made contact with the pair, offering to wait with the victim, while her friend got his car.

Instead of waiting with her, Hill is seen picking her up and running with her in his arms to his car. He puts her in the passenger seat and speeds out of the parking garage.

Hill is still in jail; his bond is set at $250,000. He is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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