Newpoint Charter employee gives court testimony on alleged racketeering scheme

Newpoint employee gives court testimony on alleged racketeering scheme . (Source: WEAR-TV)

The former owner of a charter school company is on trial in Escambia County.

Marcus May is charged with organized fraud and racketeering.

May owned "Newpoint Education Partners." May's company ran several charter schools throughout Florida, including three in Escambia county.

According to the report, investigators say May and his associates falsely inflated prices on invoices billed to the schools for furniture, computers and other equipment.

The report states, prosecutors say it cost the state of Florida more than $1 million.

During day four of the trial, the state asked about May's handling of the company; Kelly Goddin, School Financial Services; said" Each week we would prepare a report to submit to Mr. May."

The prosecution asked, " What would he [May] say when you would do that?"

Goddin responded, "He would either approve it or suggest changes be made."

The prosecution asked Goddin, "Did he [May] ever tell you to hold payments?"

Goddin, replied, "Yes sir."

The prosecution continued questioning Goddin and asked " Did you ever discuss with him [May] the reason you would hold a payment either by e-mail or over the phone?"

Goddin answered, "At times, yes."

The prosecution asked, " What were the reasons?"

Goddin answered, "Typically, money cash flow."

In March, a jury found May's partner, Steven Kunkemoeller guilty of racketeering and organized fraud. Currently, Kunkemoeller is out on bond while he appeals his conviction.

Marcus May's trial is expected to last three weeks.

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