Night to Shine event gives guests with special needs a prom night they won't forget

Night to Shine event gives guests with special needs a prom night they won't forget

It's an evening many people with special needs in Northwest Florida will never forget. They took part in a prom night that's sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Cheering fans tried to catch a glimpse of every person stepping out of a revolving door of limos. It's a red carpet arrival only celebrities could dream of.

"You really understand the impact it makes when you hear the parents talk about it. Talk about how their child looks forward to it all year," said Night to Shine Co-Chair Brooke Agers. "I'll have parents call me about it a month out and say their child already has a dress and shoes and accessories. They're just so excited for tonight."

The event is called Night to Shine. It's an event put on by the Tim Tebow Foundation for people with special needs.

The prom night style event takes place around the world.

At Perdido Bay United Methodist Church, the guests get the celebrity treatment. Some of the fellas have their shoes shined before the start of the party and ladies get to sit with a glam squad who do their hair and makeup.

It all ends with everyone being crowned king or queen.

"When those guests walk away, we want them to know they aren't just kings and queens tonight. They're kings and queens every day of their lives. If we can put that in them and instill that special feeling of being a king or a queen for the rest of their lives, we hope tonight communicates that to them," said Pastor David Saliba.

Each year, the turnout has been bigger and better.

"A lot of friends. Make some new friends and that's what we're here for tonight," said guest Brandon Sanford.

"Everybody enjoys and has fun. Be friends and buddies," added guest Kandy Dyle. "I like dancing. I like the great food there and being with people to dance with. Stuff like that."

For those who get to be celebrated, it's a chance to be themselves.

"It's because people that have special needs like me, like Down syndrome people like me, we go out there and have fun, do what you do. Just enjoy music and life," Dyle said.

More than 450 churches around the world took part in this year's Night to Shine event.

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