No charges filed in fatal Milton stabbing

No charges filed in fatal Milton stabbing. (Source: WEAR-TV)

No charges will be filed after a fatal stabbing in Milton.

The State Attorney's Office completed their investigation into the October 9th incident, and has ruled Kevin Ford's use of deadly force against James Macks as "reasonable and justified."

Macks' sister, Jennifer Taylor, was there the night of the stabbing. She was the one who called 911. We got a copy of the emergency call recording.

Dispatcher: "What's going on out there, ma'am?"
Taylor: "My brother just came in the house, he comes in with a baseball bat in his hands while myself, my boyfriend and my daughter are sitting on the couch."
Dispatcher: "Did he hit anyone with the bat?"
Taylor: "Yes, ma'am."
Dispatcher: "Who did he hit?"
Taylor: "He hit me and my boyfriend."

After the altercation, Taylor, Ford and her daughter ran next-door.

Taylor: "We ran to my mom's house next door. I imagine he either ran, or he's still over there, but I want to press charges."

Taylor did not know it, but Macks was already dead, inside the Buggy Drive home.

"That wasn't my brother that night," said Taylor. "That was the devil."

Taylor says Macks hit her a few times, before turning to Ford. He says he had no choice but to fight back, to protect Taylor and her eight-year-old daughter who was also inside the home.

"When I rushed him into the kitchen, I grabbed the first thing that was right there on the counter," said Ford.

It was a kitchen knife. Macks was stabbed once in the torso and died at the scene.

"I don't really remember striking out," said ford. "But I remember I had the knife."

"The use of a knife is certainly understandable under these circumstances," said Assistant State Attorney, John Molchan.

Molchan says ford is not facing any charges.

"When somebody attacks you in your own home, Florida law requires that we presume that you are acting in lawful self-defense," said Molchan.

Although protected by Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law, both Ford and Taylor say there is no winner here.

Now, they are focused on coping with what happened.

"My family has just fallen apart completely," said Taylor. "But I'm not going to blame myself and I'm not going to blame Kevin, because he did what he had to do to protect us and I will forever be grateful for that."

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