No tickets! Details on free parking downtown

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If you head to downtown Pensacola between now and Christmas, you won't have to worry about most parking tickets. The Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) is giving shoppers some extra holiday cheer.

It's the bane of downtown visitors - the ticket on your windshield when your meter has run out.

Of course, not everyone has that problem.

Rusty Branch is proud to say he's never had a parking ticket downtown. And he's had lots of chances.

Branch said, "I'm down here every day, eating, shopping, but mostly work....I have not gotten a parking ticket, but I'm very mindful of parking tickets."

Way to go Rusty! For the rest of us, the Downtown Improvement Board is offering a nice break right now; it's "Parking Amnesty Week".

Essentially, parking is free in metered spaces and surface lots managed by the DIB.

A rep says they love seeing full streets and shops, so they're giving downtown visitors a break from tickets.

The idea's a hit at Bubba's Sweet Spot. Eric Grote always wants more customers in the store.

He said, "I think it's a wonderful way for people to come down, especially to Bubba's Sweet Spot here; and everywhere downtown needs local people to come down. And any way that the Downtown Improvement Board can allow people to be much more friendly to park is a wonderful thing."

There is one exception to the parking freedom. Time limits will still be enforced.

Once again, it shouldn't be a problem for Rusty Branch. He said, "If I park somewhere to have a meeting, I always come out within the two hours, cause I don't want a ticket, that's for sure."

Parking amnesty week runs through Christmas day and the Downtown Improvement Board always has free parking on Sundays.

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