OCSO deputy saves people after boat capsizes

OCSO deputy saves people after boat capsizes

The waters of the Gulf off Destin's East Pass can be both inviting and treacherous. Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputy Kyle Corbitt knows that better than most.

For two years, he's patrolled the recreational hot spot.

Early Sunday afternoon, a radio distress call instantly put him into rescue mode.

"A subject came over the radio and said they were taking on water and taking on water fast and the boat was sinking," Dep. Corbitt said.

With his body cam rolling, Dep. Corbitt raced through the pass and rounded the jetty. He caught sight of the boat as it overturned.

"I observed the vessel starting to rotate on it's side and untimately capsize and starting to take on water," Dep. Corbitt said.

As he got closer he spotted two people in the water.

"Two subjects in the water wearing life jackets and the vessel was only sticking out of the water about two feet. The bottom of the hull was sinking pretty quickly," he said.

The pair, who were returning from a fishing trip in their rented boat, were not hurt.

Their rescue, while significant, isn't Dep. Corbitt's first. There was another rescue in the summer of 2017.

"A boat that actually blew up and was starting to catch fire out in the Gulf where we rescued four people," he explained.

He shrugs off the rescue as being nothing heroic, but rather all in a days work.

"It's what we do on a daily basis. We are out there just doing out job," he said.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit also rescues many swimmers.

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