14-year-old arrested for making threat towards Crestview High

Okaloosa County deputies, superintendent discuss school threat

Okaloosa County authorities have a message for students and parents after a 14-year-old was arrested for threating to shoot up Crestview High School on May 21.

School administration is urging students to report any language they hear that could be considered a threat.

"Don't do it. Don't make threats to our schools. Please, we will take your threat very seriously and we will handle it accordingly," said Okaloosa County School Superintendent Mary Beth Jackson.

Superintendent Jackson said she is thankful for deputies' quick response.

"You can't make statements about shooting or carrying guns to school or anything like that without there being some kind of repercussion," said Captain Ted Pecot.

Okaloosa County deputies arrested 14-year-old Connor Breedon. He's charged with making threats of violence. The report said that Breedon told classmates at lunch he planned to shoot up Crestview High School on May 25.

Witnesses said that Breedon pulled a bullet out of his pocket and placed it on the lunch table. School administrators later found a 9mm bullet in his pocket.

"If it wasn't for the students coming forward, we would not have known about it," said Captain Pecot.

Deputies encourage parents to talk with their kids.

"Please talk to your children. Gotta realize that everybody is hyper-sensitive right now of anything that gives any impression of a threat towards any of our schools or our school children," said Captain Pecot.

Channel 3 News tried to speak with Breedon's family, but no one answered the door. Neighbors told us that Breedon is a very friendly kid.

"He's very nice, very personable. Nothing out of the ordinary that I've ever seen," Joe Parker told Channel 3 News.

The Department of Juvenile Justice could not confirm or deny that Breedon is still in their custody.

"The family worked with the sheriff's office to allow us to check and make sure that there weren't any weapons present - that the child had any access to. But essentially, the child had been turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice and the State Attorney's Office will go forward," said Captain Pecot.

Superintendent Jackson said that she cannot discuss the discipline of the student due to the confidentiality of student records information.

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