Okaloosa County man arrested after allegedly stealing ex-girlfriend's dog

MUGSHOT (OCSO): Brian Scott Grogg.

An Okaloosa County man has been arrested, accused of attempting to steal his ex-girlfriend's dog.

According to the report, on Thursday the victim stated she owned a $2,000 Picadilly Poodle, which 41-year-old Brian Scott Grogg took from her without permission.

The victim made sure to state she did not ever give Grogg ownership of the dog, according to the report, however she did advise that Grogg could visit the dog if he got a job.

The report stated Grogg said he was given the dog in July 2017.

Grogg stated the victim did say he could see the dog if he got a job, and mentioned he was going to give the dog back in the afternoon, according to the report.

A neighbor came forward and said the dog meant everything to the victim and the victim would never give the dog to the defendant, according to the report.

Grogg was arrested and charged with larceny-grand theft.

He was taken to jail and since been released on a $2,000 bond.

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