VIDEO: Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting in Midway

Channel 3 News is on the scene of an officer-involved shooting in Midway.

Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office is investigating an officer-involved shooting. Authorities say the suspect is dead after a confrontation with a law enforcement officer.

Santa Rosa County Sgt. Rich Aloy told Channel 3 News the shooting happened just after 1 p.m. Tuesday on Bright Water Drive and Crosscreek Circle in Midway.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson told Channel 3 News it started as a report of a suspicious person near the 2000 Block of Brightwater Drive. When Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s deputies were en route, the call was upgraded to a burglary because the suspect started breaking into the home.

The arriving deputy found the suspect in the driveway and, where the suspect came out and physically confronted the deputy in the driveway, according to Sgt. Rich Aloy. The suspect was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. The deputy was injured and taken to a hospital, but is expected to survive.

"Violent confrontations are part of the business. When we have violent confrontations and it turns life or death, hopefully the right person ends up on the ground, and in this case that's what happened," Sheriff Johnson said. "The officer got injured, as well, but you know you break into someone's house in Santa Rosa County and start assaulting people, you get what you get. The main thing is the woman in the house is okay and the deputy is okay," Johnson said.

Sheriff Bob Johnson won’t say if the suspect had a weapon. He also won’t say how the deputy was injured.

Sheriff Bob Johnson told Channel 3 he is headed to the emergency room to check on the injured deputy.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is investigating.

Watch the entire interview with Sheriff Johnson below.

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