OWA to bring 'Wahlburgers' to amusement park in August

OWA set to announce new tenants at amusement park

The OWA held a press conference on Wednesday morning to announce a new tenant, which will be the Boston burger restaurant Wahlburgers.

Director of Business Development Greg Rawls made the announcement. He said the first Wahlburgers location will be up and running by mid-August.

"We're proud of the area and we also want to input national name-brand tenants to draw from as far north as Illinois, Indiana, just bring the entire Northwest down to the Gulf Coast," said Ray Schaefer of the OWA.

Stella Holland of OWA spoke about upcoming employment status.

"Right now if anyone's interested in employment opportunities all they would need to do is go to our website and they would apply for the 2017 seasonal employment openings. Once they apply they will be given an invitational e-mail welcome and they'll sign themselves up for an audition. "

Rawls said OWA will hold another press conference soon to announce opening and more tenants.

Those looking to apply can visit OWA's website now.

Read more about what's been going on with the amusement park and watch the event here:

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