Pace woman heartbroken after dog kills cat inside her home

Pace woman heartbroken after dog kills cat inside her home

A woman in Pace says her cat was violently attacked and killed Thursday morning by a dog. Tippi Lampa described the dog as a 'bull dog mix'.

The animal broke through Lampa's window screen and slid through her window that was cracked open.

"He was standing here when I opened the door with her in his mouth and that was where. All that that she was going through, she looked up at me and wanted me to help her. Oh my gosh, I couldn't get the image out of my head and she screamed worse than she was to begin with when she saw me," Lampa said.

Lampa said she then closed the door and quickly dialed 911. She was transferred to animal control and frantically cried for help.

"I said, 'I need somebody out here,' and she says, 'I dispatched someone,' and I said, 'OK,' so I hung up. I don't know how long time was going by, I don't know. I felt like it was forever," said Lampa.

Lampa told Channel 3 News that she opened the door again and the dog was gone.

"I got concerned because the dog was out of there and he's in the neighborhood and I wanted him caught," Lampa told Channel 3 News.

Lampa said when the animal control officer arrived, it was too late for her calico cat, 'Trouble.'

"You're supposed to be safe in your home, your animals are supposed to be safe," she said.

Lampa said that she is concerned the dog is still out there. She told Channel 3 News that she is in contact with Santa Rosa Animal Control.

Representatives of animal control told Channel 3 News that if the owner of the dog is found then he or she could be cited for violating the law.

"Roaming would be $30, vicious attack would be $50 depending on if it's currently vaccinated with rabies. It would be 50 more dollars if it's not," said Dale Hamilton with Santa Rosa Animal Control.

They are currently investigating the neighborhood and surrounding areas. Lampa said she is hoping they find the dog in time.

"I don't want anyone to go through what I've experienced. I don't want any other any other animal, a neighbors' animal, child out here in the neighborhood," she said.

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