Parents still demanding answers after SRSD suspends vaccination program

Parents still demanding answers after SRSD suspends vaccination program. (WEAR-TV)

The Santa Rosa School District has suspended its student flu vaccination program after some parents say their children were given shots without their consent.

Several of these parents attended Thursday night’s school board meeting to voice their concerns.

“My rights as a father were violated,” said Trey Burgess.

Burgess said last week his son got a flu shot at Jay Elementary School.

Neither he nor his wife gave their consent. His wife wrote ‘No Flu Shot’ on the paperwork.

"Everybody's sweeping it under the rug. What ya'll gonna do about it? Ya'll gonna wait until somebody dies?" asked Burgess.

After other parents voiced similar concerns, the school district suspended the vaccination program Wednesday.

The program was sponsored by the health department in partnership with ‘Healthy Schools’.

Some parents who signed the forms also wrote notes on the form indicating they did not want their child vaccinated.

However, ‘Healthy Schools’ said if parents signed the consent form, workers took that as consent.

"We have communicated clearly with the health department and ‘Healthy Schools’ about our expectations and present there is no vaccination program,” said Santa Rosa Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick.

Lacy Cahalin said the same thing happened to her middle school daughter in 2016.

"She says I'm not supposed to get this,” said Cahalin. “They still took the form it's clearly marked 'NO' and gave her the vaccine. She came home crying. It was definitely a violation of her rights and ours as parents."

Cahalin said the district told her they’d make sure it never happened again.

Now these parents are demanding the district take action to prevent this from happening in the future.

"You said you was gonna fix it. You said this wouldn't happen again. Can you explain to me how this happened again?” asked Burgess.

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