Parkland shooting survivors to speak at March for Our Lives town hall

Parkland shooting survivors to speak at March for Our Lives town hall

The lives of Aalayah Eastmon and Delaney Tarr changed forever on February 14, 2018.

It was the day 17 of their classmates and faculty members were killed in a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

"The fire alarm went off and we all evacuated the classroom, to which we heard screaming and running," said Tarr, recalling the deadly shooting. "Some people heard gunshots and ultimately I made it back to my newspaper classroom where I hid in my closet for hours, just waiting to find something out, if we were going to live or die."

The two said everyday is a battle after surviving the massacre.

They cope with painful memories.

Eastmond said she had to hide under a dead classmate's body to survive, after the gunman had attacked her classroom.

"Those of us suffering from PTSD and thing's like that, this is more of my counseling and this helps me to keep going and pushing forward so I can work with different students from all around the country," Eastmond said.

Now, they're fighting for change.

Eastmond, Tarr and other survivors are traveling the country on the 'Road to Change' tour.

A town hall meeting was held Monday night by survivors and activitists at the University of West Florida.

They're pushing for gun reforms and encouraging young people to take action by voting.

"If you have a voice, if you have an opinion, the best way to use it is through the polls. Then you can enact direct change by electing representatives that represent what you believe in.

Both these survivors said they're using their voices and experiences to try to end gun violence in our country.

"This was just thrown into all of our laps and you know it's something we all will continue to do until the situation is fixed," Eastmond said.

"While they may not all be experiences we want to remember, I feel like ultimately this has been something horrible, and making some positive change out of it and this is something we focus on every day," said Tarr.

After Monday night's town hall in Pensacola, the group will travel to other states including Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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