Pensacola based organization connects people with disabilities to employment

Pensacola based organization connects people with disabilities to employment

Sometimes, people with disabilities find it hard to find employment. A local organization works hard to try to change that perception.

"I was disabled but I wanted to work," said Tommy Huynh, an employee of GCE who works at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

His employment opportunity came with the help of Global Connections to Employment (GCE). It's a nationally known organization based out of Pensacola.

GCE provides employment for people with disabilities. There is a hub in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

"They helped me to communicate with people and they don't look at your disability That is the reason why I love my job and I love people. I love to interact with people and to share my heart," he explained.

Part of the misconception is that people with disabilities cannot do specialized jobs or get to work.

"They think that 'oh you have a disability' that you can't do IT positions, for examples. We actually have an IT training program," said Lori Kain with GCE.

GCE supplies accomodations for people who need adaptave equipment or on the job training.

Their mission is "helping people throughout life's journey". The organization employs up to 1,700 people in the United States alone, Kain said.

They have a message for employers.

"Just give it a try. The worst thing they can do is not try," said Huynh.

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