Pensacola BBQ restaurant hosts "Christmas Community Cookout"

Photo: Johnson's Barbecue's Christmas Community Cookout event Source: WEAR

For the second year in a row, a Pensacola barbecue restaurant fed hundreds of homeless and needy people before the holidays.

On Saturday, Dec. 23rd Johnson's Barbecue threw a "Christmas Community Cookout", serving reportedly over 400 plates of food.

Everyone who attended was served a delicious BBQ meal, but the event was designed specifically for disadvantaged and homeless people.

"You got someone that shows love to someone, and then they [in] turn show love…and they show love- it’s a rippling effect," said Johnson's Barbecue owner Charles Johnson.

Event organizers say they hope the giveaway creates a culture of giving in the community.

Johnson's Barbecue partnered with Rainbows for Kids and Rent-A-Center for the event.

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