Pensacola Bus Project Keeps Families Connected to Florida Inmates

There is transportation to take families to visit loved ones in area correctional facilities. / Source: Al Showers

There's a new program that helps people in our area visit loved ones who are serving time in prison.

3P Family Bluebird is giving inmates' relatives a chance to visit them-even if the prison is several hours away.

Derric Kitt, owner of 3P Family Bluebird read through stacks of letters from prisoners serving time Saturday morning.

“Hello my name is Antoine. I have not seen my family in such a long time. I sit in my bed and I think about how much I really miss them but the problem is they don't have transportation,” Kitt said.

Kitt says they use three 15 passenger buses to take families to visit loved ones in prisons across Florida.

"You can't go to the prison every month. You can only go maybe once or twice a month because we rotate the vans to cover the entire region," explained Kitt.

Sheila Strength was unable to see her son at Graceville Correctional Facility for more than two years because she doesn't have a car and it's more than 100 miles away.

But that changed when her son referred her to 3P Family Bluebird.

"I’ve had people promise to take me to go see my son and every time I got my hopes up to come see him they would make an excuse up to not bring me," Strength said.

While some families don't have cars or an easy way to get to prison, Kitt's bus service tries to fill the gap.

"It's a lot of people that just get cut off from the outside when they go in there," Kitt added.

Strength says even if she is able to buy a car, she will continue to use the bus program while it is here.

"He weighed 425 pounds when he went there. I didn't even recognize him. I didn't even know what he looked like and I started crying because it made me feel wonderful to see him and this made my trip the best trip I ever had" Strength added.

The bus travels throughout the state of Florida and a round trip ticket is $20.

For more information on 3P Family Bluebird you can head over to their website and Facebook below:

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