Pensacola High makes list of 'America's Most Challenging High Schools'

Pensacola High makes list of 'America's Most Challenging High Schools'

It's teacher appreciation week and some students have an extra reason to thank theirs.

The Washington Post ranked Pensacola High School in the top ten percent on its list of "America's Most Challenging High Schools."

A lot of credit for that ranking goes to the school's International Baccalaureate program.

Students face a rigorous academic program along with after school activities and volunteer work.

Scotty McGaugh, a senior at PHS, said "I feel like the reason this is such a challenging high school is because the faculty really push us. They motivate us to do our best and I know there are a few very influential teachers here."

Drew Rehwinkel, a teacher at PHS, said "We have highly motivated teachers. Our teachers love the students here. Our teachers are our family, much like our students are our family and they have a lot of pride in the school."

The Washington Post ranked 23-hundred schools.

Pensacola High is the only Northwest Florida school in the top 200.

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