Pensacola hosts rally as part of "Women's March on Washington"


A community rally was organized in downtown Pensacola Saturday to walk in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington.

Organizers say the community rally is a peaceful demonstration of solidarity with members of underrepresented communities and women's issues in our area.

"We are not marching today, we as Pensacola Women's March because in conjunction with Women's March Florida today is the day of action," said rally organizer Haley Morrissette.

People held homemade signs and the crowd was diverse, with families, children, people with disabilities, and dogs.

Many signs criticized president trump's policies but also promoted various causes including affordable health care, pro-choice rights, equal pay, and LGBTQ rights.

Organizers say this year; they want to encourage people to discuss the #MeToo movement.

"It really just takes them having their fire. It's really just all in them," said Morrissette.

Last year's march inspired some women to run for office and to communicate with their elected officials, but others like Carolann Present are disappointed with the speed of change.

"I don't believe that our healthcare system is working in any way, shape, or form at this point and I only see the way forward as a Medicaid for all system," Present explained.

Karen Walters says she has fought this battle before.

She joined the rally to fight for equality and freedom.

"It makes me want to get out and do even more stuff, go out there and volunteer, vote, register, and vote, that's the most important thing we can do right now," Walters added.

Many men were also at the rally Saturday morning

Brian Ellis says he came to support his wife.

"I just like to see people empowered and it looks like a lot of people are going to start running for office and get more engaged," said Ellis.

"The message for the men is united we stand. They keep showing up for women because when you take care of women you're taking care of your entire community,” Ellis added.

Organizers of the march say they were blown away by the support of people who attended this year compared to last year's event.

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