$800 taken from Pensacola man in bank account fraud

$800 taken from Pensacola man in bank account fraud

A Pensacola man is warning Pen Air customers that your bank account may not be as secure as you think.

Sonny Goldsby got a notification that someone had withdrawn $800 from his account last week.

Using a Pen Air Live ATM lane, an unknown woman was able to withdraw the cash by providing Goldsby's wife's name and account number.

No signature or pin was required.

The money has been refunded, but Goldsby said that's not the point.

"It never should have happened. I know when you go through a regular drive-thru they look at the photo on file, then give them the account number and you sign and you drive away. In this case, you're just going up to a teller that has a person talking to you that is off-site and they're trusting that you are the person you say you are. And you put the account number in and get whatever amount of money you need," said Sonny.

A representative from Pen Air confirmed the incident, telling Channel 3 News there were "extenuating circumstances" with this case and would not comment further.

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