Pensacola man wheelchair-bound after diagnosed with flu

Pensacola man wheelchair-bound after diagnosed with flu

The flu continues to get worse across the country.

The Florida Department of Health reports it has increased for a third straight week and is at a higher level now than at the highest points in previous flu seasons.

Marilyn Miller said her husband can no longer control his right leg and in order for him to leave the hospital, the family will need to build a ramp that's wheelchair accessible.

Ronald Miller, 59, has driven trucks his entire life.

"Very first time he has been in this kind of shape," said Marilyn.

Marilyn said her husband hasn't worked since December after being diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia.

"He literally died on us, but they brought him back. It shut down some major organs, it's done a lot, it took him from 260 pounds to 190 pounds," Marilyn explained.

She said from there things turned worse.

"He does not feel his right leg at all," she said.

Today, Ronald is using a wheelchair to get around. He is in rehab until his family can pass a home assessment and get a ramp built for him to use.

“If I don't have the ramp, he's not coming home," she said.

Since the start of this year's flu season, a report from the Florida Health Department said there have been 159 outbreaks of the flu.

The report also said adults 65 years and older and pregnant women continue to be at high risk.

"Every night I cry, lose weight, don't eat, don't sleep because you never know what could happen tomorrow," Marilyn added.

Marilyn said that now, through prayer, she sees this flu season as an opportunity to put love into action.

"Hopefully it is going to get better, soon I hope," said Marilyn.

The family wants the ramp built so they can bring Ronald home and stop the mounting hospital bills. They said they've already got support from two groups, one called St Christopher’s and another called Truckers Final Mile.

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