Worker at elementary school accused of stealing TVs from classroom, second man arrested

Left: Steve Endress. Right: Sean Battles. Source: Escambia County Jail

Two Pensacola men were arrested after several TVs were stolen from a new Escambia County elementary school.

According to a report, Sean DeJuan Battles and an unknown man were spotted on surveillance video leaving Kingsfield Elementary School with three televisions taken from different classrooms on August 4.

At the time, Battles worked for a company installing doors at the school. He was arrested while at the school working.

A portion of the report is redacted after deputies placed Battles under arrest.

After the redacted portion, the report says deputies drove to a home where Steve Franklin Endress lives. There, the report states, two of the stolen TVs were found.

According to the report, Battles told a deputy the third TV was thrown into a dumpster. When deputies checked the dumpster, it was empty.

Both men have been charged with property damage, burglary, and larceny.

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