Pensacola mom wants bus driver fired for dropping daughter off at wrong stop

Pensacola mom wants bus driver fired for dropping daughter off at wrong stop

A Pensacola mother wants a school bus driver fired for dropping her 10-year-old daughter off at a gas station. Tammie Cook said the driver forced her daughter to get off the bus after missing her stop.

Every weekday around 2:45 p.m., Cook's daughters, Nickayla, 11, and Addyson, 10, are dropped off in front of Tanglewood Garden on North Palafox. Cook said on Tuesday, only Nickayla was let off.

"My older daughter came home and I was looking for her, wondering where she was at and she told me she was still on the bus," Cook said.

Cook said she called Ensley Elementary to find out why Addyson was still on the bus. Cook said they did not know. Thankfully, the 10-year-old made it home. Cook said her daughter was dropped off at the Happy Jacks gas station, which is about a half-mile walk from their home.

"I guess she was taking too long to get off the bus and he said that she had three seconds to get off the bus and I guess when she was attempting to get off the bus he closed the door," Cook said.

"He was counting," Addyson recalled. "Three, two, one, and when I was like two seats away from getting off the bus he closed the door and he drove the bus to Happy Jacks and he made me get off."

Cook believes her daughter was intentionally dropped off at the gas station as punishment.

"I can't believe it, I really can't believe it," Cook said. "Even if she was being disruptive on the bus, I don't care what she was doing on the bus, you should never leave a child at a gas station."

Rob Doss, transportation director for the Escambia County School District, confirmed to WEAR-TV the student was not let off at her assigned stop. Doss said the district has opened an investigation to find out what happened and determine appropriate disciplinary action, if any, is necessary. They will review onboard video and GPS tracking.

As of Wednesday, the driver was still on duty. Cook believes he should be out of the job.

"I'm just concerned," Cook said. "He just has different policies and procedure that he's supposed to follow and he didn't follow any of them."

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