Former Pensacola resident tapped for ambassador

ADM Harry B. Harris, Jr. (Official U.S. Navy Portrait)

A U.S. Navy admiral who grew up in Pensacola may be the next U.S. ambassador to Australia.

President Donald Trump nominated Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr. for the post.

ADM Harris currently serves as the 24th commander of U.S. Pacific Command. He assumed that post in 2015.

Harris's family moved to Pensacola in 1968 and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in 1974. Four years later, he graduated from the Naval Academy, and by 1979, he was a naval flight officer. During his 39-year career, he's logged 4,400 flight hours and has served in every geographic combatant command region.

According to his official bio, Harris is the Navy’s “Gray Owl,” the naval flight officer who has held this designation for the longest period, and the “Old Goat,” the longest-serving Naval Academy graduate still on active duty.

ADM Harris and his wife Bruni currently live in Hawaii.

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