Pensacola police keeping database on video surveillance cameras

Pensacola police keeping database on video surveillance cameras

The Pensacola Police Department is asking for the communities help to better aid officers during various investigations.

It’s compiling a database of where home and business video surveillance cameras are, with the help of the camera’s owner.

The intent is to make it easier for officers to know where cameras are located to help gather evidence when a nearby crime is committed.

“It gives us many times, if the camera doesn't identify the person, it gives us a starting point. You know like a white male, six feet tall, wearing this or wearing that. It allows us to put together a timeline,” Pensacola Police Captain Stephen Davis explained.

Cpt. Davis said it’s not any type of “big brother” situation, but just a simple tool to help during investigations. He said all the information provided, such as your phone number and address, are secure and exempt from public records. He said home cameras are becoming more common.

"Last few years, since all these home security devices have come down in price, they are all over the city now,” Cpt. Davis said.

Channel 3 News spoke to Snorri Gislason who lives in Pensacola and takes home security very seriously. Gislason has a Ring Doorbell set up at his home - modern technology that basically turns the traditional doorbell into a video surveillance system - he said he’s able to see who is at his front door from the office or while on a trip across the country.

When our crew first rang his doorbell, he was several minutes away and able to talk to us to coordinate an interview.

Gislason said he’s able to save the video captured during each ring of the doorbell and could potentially hold on to it for law enforcement if needed.

“If everyone on the street had this device, or similar device, we would know who goes up and down the street,” Gislason said.

He said he’s happy to see the Pensacola Police Department taking advantage of security videos that may capture important evidence for various cases and would be happy to take part in the program.

To register your camera visit the Pensacola Police website here.

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