Pensacola residents complain Interstate 10 noise louder despite sound walls

Pensacola residents complain Interstate 10 noise louder despite sound walls

Sound barriers along Interstate 10 are the latest attempt to keep neighborhoods free from loud noise.

When Douglas Baker was considering buying a home close to the interstate, he was worried about potential noise problems.

"The noise is a little bit louder than I thought it would be when I moved here," said Baker.

That was 1985, and Baker made sure he spent some time inside the home before making a final decision to buy it.

"It really didn't take much sound away, just the vision of the traffic away," Baker added.

Homeowners who live on both sides of I-10 have complained about the roar of traffic, some say it seems to have grown louder since trees were removed and the wall went up.

"That just channeled the noise going up, it didn't really eliminate it," Baker said.

"It's pretty loud, you can probably hear it from here," explained Diane Julian.

Julian takes care of her 83-year-old mother. She said her mom can barely get any sleep at night because of the noise.

"It usually doesn't wake me up, but my mother's bedroom is right in the back right here and it does wake her up," Julian added.

The State Department of Transportation and Development said they've heard the complaints and are now bringing out a contractor to verify the noise problem.

Homeowners who live near the interstate said they hope something can be done.

"I don't know what will alleviate the problem. If I move somewhere that will alleviate the problem," Baker said.

"Maybe they need to do something a little shorter too, maybe some bushes or something," said Julian.

An FDOT spokesperson said crews will reassess areas along Interstate 10 within the next month which will include adding more vegetation to help with the noise.

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