Pensacola siblings looking to land series on HGTV

Pensacola siblings looking to land series on HGTV

Two siblings from Pensacola have a pilot airing tonight on HGTV. The show is called "Seaside Reno" and the duo flips homes right here on the Gulf Coast.

TJ and Shaye Martin both graduated from Washington High School. Over the past year, the two teamed up not only as siblings, but as business partners and flipped a home on Panferio Drive on Pensacola Beach.

Shaye said, "It was built in 1972, we went in and completely gutted the entire house. It was a fun project, it was a mess at the beginning."

A renovation project is stressful on its own, but even more so with camera crews around. Shaye and TJ's television journey began when TV production executives reached out to a local real estate agency. They said they were looking for a brother-sister pair. The two of them had never done anything on TV before.

Shaye said, "It was difficult stopping every five minutes during the construction process to film. When you have saws running and you have to finish a flip in a certain amount of time."

HGTV liked what they saw and aired the pilot. They will be airing it again on Monday night July 16 at 10 p.m. If the ratings are good enough for the second showing of that pilot, the Martins and "Seaside Reno" could get a full season.

Shaye and TJ said, "We are brother and sister. We bring a different dynamic from being able to banter and then high five and move on. We trust each other, value each others opinion more than anyone."

They also like to add as they laugh, "And we can't get divorced."

They hope it not only expands their future in real estate and renovations, but also brings attention to the Gulf Coast.

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