Pensacola Voice closing its doors after 54 years

Pensacola Voice closing its doors after 54 years

After 54 years in business it's the end of a publishing era. The Gulf Coast Voice, once known as the Pensacola Voice, is closing its doors.

The final edition of the paper will hit the newsstands Thursday morning.

The paper has provided a voice for African-American community since 1965.

It was started by Les Humphrey and taken over by his daughter after he died.

Now she's retiring and said there is no one in the family interested in carrying on the legacy The Voice has made in the community.

"Reading and knowledge is the key to so many things we say our people parish due to lack of knowledge. I would like the legacy to be someone would grab ahold and understand you got to get knowledge you've got to read you have to research," said

Jacqueline Miles, Publisher.

Miles said Friday's final edition will include something special for her readers.

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