Pensacola woman accused of murder as a teen resentenced

Photo: Britnee Miller

An Escambia County woman who was serving life in prison was sentenced Monday for the second time. Prosecutors believe Britnee Miller helped beat, burn and kill 19-year-old Audreanna Zimmerman in March of 2010. Miller was 16 at the time. Her mother, Tina Brown and acquaintance Heather Lee, were also sentenced for the crime. The judge had to resentence Miller due to changes in the law when it comes to sentencing juveniles.

Britnee Miller's defense team was asking for a term of 30 years in prison but Judge Gary Bergosh handed down the same sentence she received just four years ago. Life in prison. That sentence can be reviewed after 15 years. The whole reason there was a resentencing is because the Supreme Court decided juveniles could be sentenced to life, but only if there was a sentencing hearing that took into account the child's age, the crime and upbringing. The defense says Miller had a life filled with abuse and neglect and they will be taking this to a higher court.

Ron Davis, Miller's original attorney, stepped in to help on the resentencing.

He said, "Obviously I had hoped for a term of years but this is not the end for Ms. Miller. She has several, I believe, viable issues on appeal. These types of cases are fairly new to the system so we're not sure what the higher courts, what analysis they're going to be using on sentences imposed under this new sentencing statute. So certainly we will appeal the life sentence. Additionally, Ms. Miller had appealed for withdrawal of plea earlier in the year and we will be appealing that as well," Miller said.

Miller has 30 days to file that appeal.

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