Pensacola woman charged with starting fire at mother's home

Lakeia DeLoach.jpg

A Pensacola woman is charged with trying to set her mother's home on fire, with her mother inside.

Lakeia DeLoach is charged with attempted arson and aggravated battery.

The arrest report says her mother, Nanette Bynum, told Escambia County deputies that DeLoach had threatened to burn the house down twice in the past.

The arrest on Tuesday stems from an incident on July 2nd.

According to the arrest report, Bynum was watching her grandchildren, and she was trying to get them to turn off the TV and video games.

The report says she told deputies one of the children "kept having a smart mouth" and she "smacked him with a stick on his backside." Another child then called his mother, DeLoach.

DeLoach came over to the home and, according to the report, starting calling Bynum names. That's when Bynum called law enforcement.

When Bynum went back outside, according to the report, she saw that "DeLoach had taken her gas can and put it on fire."

She told deputies she kicked the gas can over to put out the fire and protect her car, which was nearby.

According to the report, one of DeLoach's children confirmed her grandmother's story. She told deputies that she saw her mother open the gas can, set a paper towel on fire, and push it into the open can.

The report says Bynum also told deputies that DeLoach had come to her workplace and threatened her, but she said this time she really was in fear of her life because of the fire.

DeLoach is scheduled to appear in court on November 20th.

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