Pensacola woman loses everything in apartment fire

Pensacola woman loses everything in apartment fire

A woman and her son are homeless after an apartment fire Monday morning.

The fire happened in Brownsville while the woman who lives there was away running an errand.

"I took my nephew home; my son was here watching the house. He said he went to the kitchen to get some peach cobbler and he heard the fire alarm go off so he ran back to the bedroom and it was on fire," said Linda Smith.

The blaze broke out at Smith's apartment on Frontera Circle just before 3 a.m.

Smith has called the complex home for nearly six years.

"This is my first time seeing this since it happened," Smith said.

Her apartment and everything in it was gone in a matter of minutes.

"It looks terrible don't it? I didn't know it was that bad," Smith added.

The fire also damaged another apartment nearby.

Crews were eventually able to extinguish the fire, so only one building was a total loss.

Smith said she believes the fire started in a bedroom in the back of the apartment. She said she wasn't at home when the fire started, but her son was. He was treated for burns to his hands and smoke inhalation.

For Smith, the fact that her son made it out, is all that matters.

"You know, I told him to don't worry about it at least we got our lives. He tried to put it out, but he couldn't do it," explained Smith.

Now, what's left, is the metal from furniture, and soggy burned clothes.

"If I can I'm going to try and get what I can to save," Smith said.

The Florida State Fire Marshal is investigating the fire.

Smith said she plans to live with family members until she finds her another place to stay.

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