Pensacola's Mayor Grover Robinson discusses plans for ST Engineering funding

Pensacola's Mayor Grover Robinson discusses plans for ST Engineering funding. (Source: WEAR-TV)

Last Tuesday Grover Robinson was sworn into office as Pensacola’s new mayor.

"We're sorta building the plane as we fly it... so we're here, we're working every day and working with the departments as they currently exist and we're providing services, says Mayor Robinson.

One of his first tasks as mayor was building a 12-person transition team.

It’s being led by businessman and community leader Quint Studer.

"It was the expertise he really brought in just dealing with transitions and just understanding how to make them seamless and how to make organizations better. I want him to help make the city of Pensacola better,” said Mayor Robinson.

He said each person on the committee spearheads a different focus on the community, like public safety, recreation and finances.

The team has held a couple of meetings already, which are all open to the public.

"I can really appreciate the transparency this administration as shown so far,” said Pensacola resident Teniade Broughton.

“The transition team meetings have been online so you can watch them and see what's going on," replied Broughton.

One of Robinson’s most pressing tasks is finding the money to fund one of the city’s biggest economic development efforts.

The city needs to come up with a total of $205 million as part of the deal that brought ST Engineering to the Pensacola Airport.

"The good news is right now that probably 75-percent of that money has been committed. The challenge is we probably have about 25-percent that we're still working on,” said Robinson.

Mayor Robinson, said the city is asking the Department of Transportation for an additional $25 million.

Yet, right now they are still waiting for that funding.

"Part of the challenge is we've got a new governor in place which means we're going to have a new Secretary of Transportation and right now in December there's just a lot of unknowns because we don't know who those individuals are so it's hard to reach out and get commitments,” said Robinson.

The next transition team meeting will be held Dec. 13 at City Hall.

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