Police: 'Felony Lane' burglary ring strikes Gulf Breeze

Police: 'Felony Lane' burglary ring strikes Gulf Breeze

Kyndra Ring was working out at Cross Fit of Gulf Breeze Tuesday morning when she became a victim of a car burglary.

Police believe the thieves are a part of a statewide theft ring.

"I mean, you can't describe the feeling," Ring said. "It's just panic, anger, sadness - all of it."

The passenger window on her Lexus was smashed in broad daylight.

She said her wristlet, carrying her ID and debit cards, was taken. The car next to hers was also hit.

"We were very on it. The next phone call we made after we called our husbands is we called the police. We then started calling banks and credit card companies and all of that," Ring added.

Gulf Breeze Police said the theft ring is called 'Felony Lane'. It's a group that scopes out and targets women who leave valuables in their cars.

"As we all know, a woman always has her purse with her," said Gulf Breeze Police Chief Rick Hawthorne. "If they got out of the car with a purse, the purse is in the car."

Police said the thieves act quickly, using ID's found in the cars to cash checks worth thousands of dollars.

The thieves even wear wigs and dress up to look like the victims.

"They'll go to the banks. They'll use the drive-thru so it's not too obvious who it is, the visual isn't very good, and cash the checks and be gone," Chief Hawthorne added.

The ring is based in South Florida and has operated here off-and-on for 15 years.

Police said the thieves stay about a week working along Highway 98, before moving down the coast.

"Once we start getting one or two we start believing they're probably in the area and we want to put he word out for people to pay attention," Chief Hawthorne said.

Authorities are now asking the public to be proactive, and never leave valuables in your car.

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