FWB Police: 'Whoopin' lands mom behind bars

Photo: Shante Wyatt Source: Okaloosa County Jail/ Background: MGN Online

A Fort Walton Beach woman has been arrested for allegedly giving her young son a “whoopin” after he failed to complete a school test.

A 7-year-old boy was interviewed at the Children’s Advocacy Center on 400 Block of McEwen Drive on Monday, Dec. 4.

The boy told authorities his mother, Shante Lachelle Wyatt, struck him in the face with her hand and a black belt.

Doctors t the Children’s Advocacy Center noted bruising on both sides of his face and determined the injuries were the result of abuse.

Wyatt told authorities that on Sunday, Dec. 3 she disciplined her son “for not completing a school test.”

According to a Fort Walton Beach Police Department arrest report, Wyatt recounted the details of the incident to authorities, stating that she took the 7-year-old into a restroom, grabbed his face and told him he needed a ‘whoopin.’

Wyatt then stated that she used a folded belt to strike the child's buttocks six to seven times.

Investigators said the woman noticed the bruising and told the child to “lie” at school and tell them he hit his face on the monkey bars.

Shante Wyatt was arrested and charged with child abuse.

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