PPD employee gives girl shoes off her own feet while delivering Christmas presents

Photo: Pensacola Police Department

It's an act of kindness that's not going unnoticed. An employee with the Pensacola Police Department (PPD) gave the shoes off her feet to a girl who simply admired them.

It's a good deed getting a lot of praise on social media.

Tara Spencer works for PPD as Chief Tommi Lyter's administrative assistant.

Last week, she helped organize PPD's annual Christmas party. Thanks to a donation, 73 kids received gifts.

"It's always awesome to see the kids open their gifts because you get to see their reaction to something that they really wanted so it went great. It always goes great, but this year it was amazing," Spencer said.

On Thursday, she returned to Pensacola Village Apartments to drop off presents to kids who couldn't make the event.

The James family was the first stop. They reminded her of her upbringing.

"I connected with this family because she's a single mom working hard, trying to do better for her family of seven, and I was one of seven and lived here in these same projects once upon a time with my mom," Spencer said.

But it was an off-the-cuff comment by Tykevia James that caught Spencer's attention.

"Everybody was ready to go to the next stop and I was behind of course making sure that everything was taken care of and the little girl said, 'Ms. Tara, I like your shoes.' I had a pair of black Jordans and I thought nothing of it. I just laughed. I said, 'what size is you?' She said, 'I wear a size six,' and the shoes were six and a half," Spencer explained.

Without hesitation, Spencer took her sneakers off and gave them to Tykevia.

For the rest of the day, Spencer walked around in white socks delivering Christmas cheer to other families in need.

A police captain snapped a picture and shared it on PPD's Facebook page.

"I was just complimenting her at first," Tykevia said. "I was really excited. I liked those Jordans and I was happy when she gave them to me."

"I was so excited and I appreciate the police department for everything that they did for my kids and they enjoyed their Christmas," Tykevia's mom, Deborah, said.

Spencer doesn't think she did anything special. She jokes that if she won the lottery tomorrow she'd go broke the next day helping others.

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