Preliminary autopsy results for Texas driver in Baldwin County crash released

Photo: Harry Caligone

Photo source: Harry Caligone's family to Channel 3's Jamarlo Phillips

The Baldwin County Coroner’s Office said they released the body of the Texas bus driver that plunged 50-feet off Interstate 10 to his death.

Harry Caligone, a driver for First Class Tour Bus, was taking a group of Texas High School students back home after a trip to Disneyworld in Orlando. The bus Caligone was driving veered off the roadway and into a ravine Tuesday in Baldwin County.

Caligone was set to meet his relief in Mobile, Alabama shortly before the crash occurred. Although Caligone was the only person who died in the crash, dozens of people onboard were injured.

Caligone's wife said he just passed a physical and drove students from Orlando to Houston every year. His family said he was a responsible driver.

Stan Vinson, Baldwin County Medical Examiner, said preliminary results point to “blunt force trauma” as the cause of death. But, Vinson also stressed, other causes have not been ruled out.

"Right now, we don't have any answers that a medical emergency occurred," Vinson told WPMI.

Vinson said other testing will be done, including a separate toxicology test conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to see what was in Caligone's system at the time of the crash.

A final autopsy report should be complete in about six weeks after more testing is finished, Vinson said.

The autopsy was conducted Wednesday at the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Mobile.

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