Protect your pets from the cold!

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Temperatures are really beginning to drop!

As we head into Thursday night into Friday, we can expect cold and rainy weather in Northwest Florida.

Overnight temperatures will drop into the 30s and 40s, but as we head into Friday night, it will be even colder!

We're talking sub-freezing temperatures in the 20s and 30s.

We always stress to protect people, plants, and your pets.

Be sure to bring your pets indoors! If it's too cold for you it's certainly too cold for them!

We spoke with Emily Shelton of the Pensacola Humane Society on the importance on taking your pets indoors.

Shelton said, "Even if it's not quite reaching freezing temperatures, that wind chill factor will definitely push it over the edge, so bring your pets inside. Even the long-coated ones need to come in or have additional gear on."

If you absolutely cannot bring your pets indoors, be sure to provide a warm and dry place for shelter.

Not all animals are fortunate enough to have a home and a lot of love, but at the Pensacola Humane Society they're getting a lot of it, but they need additional help, as well.

Shelton said, "What we could really use help with are the fleece-styled throws and some extra sweaters for our guys in the shelter. Also, daily needs of food."

One critical thing that they need right now are fosters for the animals.

Shelton said, "Foster homes for the animals that we can't necessarily take into the shelter right this moment. They can help us overcome being able to help those animals rather than turn them away."

If you are interested in adopting a furry friend for a "furever" home, you can contact the Pensacola Humane Society on their website www.

If you want to donate to the shelter, check out the wish list below!

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