REPORT: Cantonment woman attacks Escambia County corrections officers

Pamela Roberts arrested for grabbing and scratching an Escambia County Jail corrections officer, report states. (photo: Escambia County)

A Cantonment woman is facing felony charges for attacking a corrections officer at the Escambia County Jail, a report states.

The incident happened on July 9th at the county jail located 2900 N. “L” Street on July 9th.

According to a criminal record obtained by Channel 3 News, an ECJ corrections officer noticed Pamela Roberts was intoxicated and had urinated on herself during the intake process.

Roberts, 58, was asked to change into a jail jumpsuit but refused and began shouting profanities at the corrections officer, the report added.

According to the report, Roberts, 5’3 inches tall, put on the jumpsuit and attacked the female officer.

The officer took inmate Roberts to the ground, but Roberts continued to fight back by chocking the corrections officer at one point, the report revealed.

Two other corrections officers at the Escambia County Jail helped handcuff Roberts.

According to the reporter, Roberts stated her medication has not been working and she confessed to drinking alcohol while taking medication.

The female corrections officers had a small scratch on her chin and neck, and she sustained a bruise on her right knee.

The EJC corrections officers pressed charges.

According to the Escambia County Jail View, Roberts is facing felony battery charges, third degree battery and damage to property/criminal mischief.

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